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An Enduring Mission

Since 1883, Cincinnati has provided care for Jewish people as they grow older. For over a century, various organizations, from Glen Manor to the Orthodox Jewish Home, and Jewish Family Service, JVS and the Mayerson JCC have served the needs of seniors and their loved ones. That priority was reaffirmed in the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati’s 2020 plan. Our community’s commitment to providing for people has endured through the ups and downs of two world wars, the Great Depression and tremendous societal change. As the current stewards of that legacy of caring for seniors at Cedar Village, the Cedar Village Board of Trustees and the Cedar Village leadership team led the development of a strategic plan. We also are partnering with other agencies in the Jewish community to identify the best way to continue delivering care that lives up to the expectations set by our faith and cultural values.

As we move forward with our strategic planning process, we will continue to provide updates and respond to frequently asked questions. Here is the latest information on where things stand today.

What is the Cedar Village strategic plan?

In May of 2017, the strategic planning process identified four pillars: financial sustainability, quality healthcare, customer satisfaction and workforce. We have made measurable progress, including recently achieving our highest quality rating in three years from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (Quality Pillar); reducing our reliance on temporary labor by more than 80% compared with last year and building a better trained, employed care delivery team (Workforce Pillar); and a 20% uptick in resident approval of our dining services as measured by regular surveys, placing us in the top 3rd of organizations served by our provider Unidine (Customer Satisfaction Pillar). The focus of the financial sustainability pillar is to review a variety of ways to improve our balance sheets.

What decisions have been made about the future of Cedar Village?

A robust discussion is still very much underway. Members of the Cedar Village Board of Trustees, the Cedar Village Foundation Board, and the executive leadership team at Cedar Village are actively consulting with industry experts, as well as representatives in the Jewish community, to determine the best way to continue serving people as they grow older. While individuals engaged in these important conversations may have recommendations about the future, it’s up to the Cedar Village board to discuss and vote on any resolution regarding a major change in direction. The Cedar Village board has not taken action to implement any changes at this point.

UPDATE: On August 23, 2017, the Cedar Village Board of Trustees voted to engage a broker to learn what the campus might be worth to potential buyers. However, there has been no decision to sell. Click here for details about this important step.

When will we know the outcome of the strategic planning process?

In mid-August, the Cedar Village Board of Trustees will meet to discuss a variety of financial models and projections, as well as potential next steps. They meet again in mid-September. It’s unlikely that any decision will be made before then. It’s even possible that the research and discussion phase could continue into the fall, to ensure that every recommendation is thoroughly vetted and understood by decision-makers.

UPDATE: On August 23, 2017, the Cedar Village Board of Trustees voted to engage a broker to learn what the campus might be worth to potential buyers. However, there has been no decision to sell. Click here for details about this important step. When there is new information to share, updates will be provided.

Why is Cedar Village engaged in strategic planning?

Our campus has a heavy reliance on revenue from post-acute care (our inpatient rehabilitation center), with 50 of our 162 patient beds configured to deliver that service. That model was successful for many years, with profits nearly off-setting the cost of our mission. Until recently, fundraising through the Cedar Village Foundation was sufficient to fill any financial gaps. During the last few years, changes to Medicare have had a significant impact on revenue and the volume of patients on our campus. Nationwide, this trend has triggered a wave of consolidation, as providers seek economy of scale and operational efficiencies. At Cedar Village, we have begun new service lines, including private duty home care and our skilled home health and hospice joint venture with Maple Knoll Village. However, revenue from these new sources is not keeping pace with the declines in reimbursement from Medicare, and Medicaid reimbursements that have remained flat as costs climb. For more detail, click here to read about “Market Forces Impacting Cedar Village” as presented in the executive summary of our strategic plan.

Who is participating in the planning effort?

Planning launched in 2016, with a two-day summit that included leaders from Cedar Village, the Cedar Village Board of Trustees, the Cedar Village Foundation Board of Directors, Jewish Family Services, the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati, Jewish Vocational Services, the Mayerson JCC, and other community leaders and stakeholders. Since then, outside experts in managing skilled nursing homes also have contributed to advancing our understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing our long term financial sustainability.

What options are being considered?

Many options are under review. The most important thing to know is that any decision about the future of Cedar Village will honor our commitment to serve members of the Jewish community across all levels of observance and to provide a safety net for our residents who have exhausted their financial resources and need the assistance of Medicaid. Our mission has endured for more than 130 years. It is deeply embedded in our values and hearts. Preserving it is non-negotiable and will be incorporated into our go-forward strategy.

How can community members get engaged in the discussion?

Share your thoughts and opinions or ask a question using the form below. We will either answer you directly or post updated information on this webpage, so the community has a clear understanding of where we are in the planning process.

UPDATE: In October of 2017, Cedar Village President and CEO Dan Fagin discussed the future of Cedar Village with the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati CEO Shep Englander. See the video by clicking here or read the transcript by clicking here.

Share your thoughts and opinions or ask a question.

Thank you for sharing your comments. To read the executive summary of the strategic plan online, click here. To download a copy, click here: Executive Summary, PDF