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Shalom Center

The Shalom Center for Elder Abuse Prevention

The Shalom Center: Helping Victims of Elder Abuse

The Shalom Center for Elder Abuse Prevention provides help to seniors suffering from physical and financial abuse or neglect. Opened in January 2012, the Shalom Center is the only facility of its kind in all of Ohio and the tri-state area. It is one of 13 in the nation.

The Shalom Center places seniors in secure housing in undisclosed locations when it’s not safe to return home. Elderly people at risk from domestic violence may have special health needs not served by a traditional shelter. Through the Shalom Center, eligible seniors have access to a full range of health care and supportive services coordinated by the team at Cedar Village.

Individuals are referred to the Shalom Center by local agencies, hospitals and other organizations. Emergency stays last 90 to 120 days.  Upon admission work is immediately begun to plan for a safe discharge to the least restrictive alternative. Necessary services — medical, psychological, spiritual and legal — are provided at no cost throughout the stay. Individuals are encouraged to take advantage of all of the services and programs available at the location where they are housed.

All of the services provided at the Shalom Center are completely free to those in need. As there is no cost, help from the community in the form of monetary and in-kind donations continues to be vital. With your support we can make the difference in the life of an elder abuse victim. Contact the Cedar Village Foundation to learn how you can help.

Elder abuse comes in many forms, including: physical, verbal, emotional, sexual, financial and even neglect or self-neglect. Staying in close contact with seniors that you care about can help prevent—or quickly identify—abuse. Call, email and visit frequently. Report concerns to the police or Adult Protective Services.

Call 888-295-7453 if you or someone you know may need shelter from an abusive situation.