Driving Assessment

Driving Assessment

Keeping Seniors Safe on the Roads

Our Driving Assessment program focuses on helping people determine if they can either continue or resume driving safely (after illness, injury or rehabilitation), and also offers ways to improve their ability to function behind the wheel.

Talking about whether or not it’s time to hang up the keys is an incredibly difficult conversation. The driving assessment can help. The first thing to know is that the results are confidential. They go to the participant and their referring physician. We never confiscate anyone’s driver’s license.

You may learn techniques that keep you safely on the road. If issues with flexibility or muscle weakness are impacting your driving, we may be able to make recommendations to keep you healthier longer. Or it might simply be advisable to stay off the road at night or during bad weather.

Your assessment includes a thorough evaluation of perception, cognitive and attention skills; reaction time; active range of motion and strength; vision testing; and knowledge of road signs. It only takes about two hours to take, and it’s done by a specially trained Cedar Village Occupational Therapist. Cedar Village is proud to have partnered with a local driving school for the in-car portion of the evaluation. Utilizing a dually-equipped vehicle, in-car assessment is done after a successful completion of the off-road evaluation.

Want to set up an assessment?

We can’t wait to help you. You can arrange for this service yourself, or your physician or a loved one can make the referral. If need be, we can easily help you obtain the Rx needed. A written order from the doctor should say “Occupational Therapy for driving evaluation.”

Any licensed driver can take the assessment, and it’s been specifically designed for seniors in our community – our goal is to be sure that seniors are operating their cars safely, and to work with families who are concerned about their loved ones’ ability behind the wheel.

What’s the cost?

A clinical driving assessment is $150, and the in-car is $180. And all you need to do is call 513-754-3100 to set it up.

It might be hard to take that first step towards assessing your driving ability-or talking to a loved one about retiring the keys-but safety is always our number one concern at Cedar Village.

Because at Cedar Village, you’re family.