After Hours Building Access

The sliding doors leading into and out of the main front entrance are now locked between 9:00 pm and 7:00 am on week nights. Nobody is at the front desk during those hours.

Those wishing to enter or exit the building via the front entrance during those hours will instead need to use the doors leading to the outpatient therapy desk. Those doors can be found to the right of the main entrance, as you face the building.

When you enter through the outer doors at the therapy entrance, please ring the bell and you will be buzzed through the next set of doors.  A Cedar Village employee will be in visual and voice contact with anyone wishing to enter at that location. To exit the main lobby overnight, please use the same therapy doors that you used to enter the building.

This is the next step, as we continue to make the building more secure.  It will enable us to use Cedar Village employees rather than an outside vendor for security during the night. Our staffers are trained in emergency procedures and the proper, designated way of handling such situations. We also believe that having our own employees greeting night visitors will provide continuity. They will come to know the regulars who enter at night and will be in a better position to spot any situation out of the ordinary.

Entry to the Oak View apartments will not change for residents and families that have key cards. If you need a replacement card or would like to inquire about purchasing one, please contact Director of Plant Operations at 513-754-3100, extension 126.

Thank you.