Cedar Village Strategic Plan Seeks a More Sustainable Business Model

Cedar Village Strategic Plan Seeks a More Sustainable Business Model

Mason, Ohio (August 24, 2017)–As part of our strategic planning process, Cedar Village is investigating a variety of options to sustain its mission. The nursing care industry nationwide is struggling with changes to healthcare, and a wave of consolidation is underway. Many organizations are seeking to lower costs through economies of scale.

A task force called “Cedar Village 2.0” that includes representatives from The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati, the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati and Jewish Family Service, along with Cedar Village staff and board members is actively pursuing innovative ways to continue to serve Jewish seniors in Greater Cincinnati. Participants are working with leading industry experts, exploring options that range from re-configuring the Mason campus to reducing overhead in ways that don’t impact service and care. Cedar Village also will be engaging a sales broker to learn what the campus is worth to potential buyers.

“Understanding the value of the property is an important piece of information in the decision-making process,” said Cedar Village President and CEO Dan Fagin. “It does not mean that we have decided to sell.”

Fagin continued: “If we did take that step, any sale would be contingent upon many factors, including a potential buyer’s agreement to certain safeguards regarding our residents. We would not entertain any offers that did not include a guarantee that our current residents will be allowed to stay in their homes at Cedar Village.”

For employees and residents, it is business as usual, Fagin said. The volunteer and fundraising programs at Cedar Village remain in place and are more important than ever. Care delivery will not be impacted. New residents are still welcome. The focus also continues on other parts of the strategic plan that, in addition to financial sustainability, sets priorities for delivering quality care, customer satisfaction and a strong workforce.