Cedar Village Employees Awarded for Excellence

Cedar Village Employees Awarded for Excellence

Mason, Ohio, July 19, 2017–Cedar Village is proud to announce the two winners of this year’s second annual Paul Heiman Award for Employee Excellence. Elyse Kuenle was selected by her peers in the category of employees who have joined the organization within the past two years. Nola Welling was voted the winner among employees of longer tenure at Cedar Village. Both award recipients will receive funds to invest in their professional development by attending a conference or participating in a class or training program. Kuenle is an accounting coordinator in the financial department. Welling is a nurse supervisor.

Kuenle was described as an invaluable asset and as professional, dependable and a team player.  A co-worker said, “In almost 18 years that I have worked here, I have never seen an addition to my department that fits so well.”

Elyse Kuenle said winning the award would not have been possible without the people with whom she has the opportunity to work.  She added, “the ability to work here at Cedar Village with co-workers who are approachable with positive ideas for changes, team players, and making it fun at work each and every day is a great blessing.”

Nola Welling won her award for always going above and beyond the call of duty.  She is highly-regarded for her work ethic, her patient care and doing what is right.  Welling is known for listening to concerns from staff, patients and families, trying to correct problems immediately and always remaining positive. Welling said the award has taken her completely by surprise. “I am truly honored that co-workers have such confidence in my nursing skills.” She added “Being here at Cedar Village is like having a second family.”

These awards carry high prestige at Cedar Village because the non-profit organization for people 60 and better places great emphasis on fostering excellence and promoting the highest levels of professionalism among its staff.

The Paul Heiman Award is named for a key benefactor of Cedar Village, who was instrumental in its planning and development at the Mason, Ohio campus. Paul Heiman also served as Board Chair from 2001-2004.  Heiman is former Chairman and CEO of family-owned Standard Textile, a Cincinnati-based, global producer of textiles for institutions, healthcare organizations and the hospitality industry.